eXperience Innovation Conference 2015,USA


Jointly held by IXDC and Stanford Center for Design Research and supported by North American branch of IXDC, the 2015 Experience Innovation Conference will take place in Stanford University on January 5, 2015. The theme of this activity is to eXperience Innovation.

The first session of Experience Innovation Conference, which is jointly presented by IXDC and Stanford Center for Design Research, will bring the Chinese value of experiencing the innovation to Silicon Valley and act as a bridge between those innovative talents in both countries. The conference will be attended by internet-based companies from both countries, the CEO of new-type technological and innovative companies, directors of product, design experts and those representatives from business incubator.

From the new perspective of experiencing the innovation, the conference will be devoted to discussing the sustainable profit brought by the experience of innovative value as well as sharing the development tendency and best cases in the innovative community. What is more, it has also aimed to introduce the Chinese creation to the world and offer a platform of exchange program and project interface for those enterprisers and pioneers on user-experience design from the two countries. Hence, it is intended as an international professional conference on user-experience innovation that connects China and USA as well as extends to North America and Asia-Pacific region.


on January 5, 2015


Larry Leifer  Professor,Stanford Center for Design Research

Barry Katz   Expert consultants,IDEO

Tong HuiMing  Professor,Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Xin XiangYang  Professor,Jiangnan University School of Design

Hu Xiao  Secretary-General,International eXperience Design Community

Dong JianMing  Chief UX Architect,Huawei

Paul Fu   Director,Alibaba Group Internation

Zhang JingHua    Senior Director of Product Strategy Research,Mozilla

George Zhang   User Experience Research Manager,Google Search


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